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Hotel Price Comparison App Development Advanced Features

Date: May 18, 2021 - switch instance
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Owning a hotel booking app like trivago is no big deal unless you have some advanced features integrated into your application to stand out from the crowd. Consider the below suggestions for your application:

  • List item one...
– Invite your user to chat with you using the chatbots. The clients’ most common queries can be sorted by this tool in the bottom left corner of your application.

  • Artificial Intelligence
– More than just a travel booking app, make an intelligent travel booking application by introducing Artificial Intelligence elements like Google Assistance, voice-activated services, automatic processing and filtering of data, concierge hotels, etc.

  • Currency Converter
– A person traveling from one country to another with any purpose will want to exchange their currencies. Help them out with this essential service and see your application flourish.

  • iBeacon Technology
– Yet another tool to successfully communicate with your clients. The technology greets the users and sends them a welcome message when they are near the hotel premises.

  • Tour Guide
– Create remarkable goodwill of your application by giving your user more than just the hotel booking facility. You can provide them with the benefit of a tour guide

  • Live Chat With Vendors
– The feature can be the entire facility you give on a paid subscription. Hotel booking agents chat with you regarding any update, promotion, or seasonal deals via this feature.

Taxi Booking – Family or friends on holiday will have no access to their personal vehicles and will have to hire taxis or cabs based on their traveling requirements. You can provide them with the taxi booking services and automatically see your sales elevating.

  • Tracking Nearby Place
– Now that we are talking about providing more than just the hotel booking services, why not help your clients by telling them about nearby amenities like cafes, shopping malls, theatres, and other amusements.

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