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How Does an Online Reservation App Like Trivago Works?

Date: May 27, 2021 - switch instance
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Out of many players in the international hotel booking market, Trivago is a big name, and so, it is our inspiration on how a fully-featured and user-friendly hotel price comparison app should work?

The Portal
Trivago is a full-fledged ecosystem involving Customers, Hotels, and Booking ventures to act and react on the portal. Trivago is known as the deal aggregator more than a hotel booking website as it lists the best deals by fetching data from other hotel booking websites or hotels themselves.

An app is a middleman, is not liable for the quality of the hotel/accommodation. The quality and best customer experience is the responsibility of the registered Hotels and the booking websites.

Here is how the portal works:

Customer End
Customers land on Trivago to:

  • Make a profile for security and customized hotel search.
  • Search for the best deals on hotels in any city/state/country they are going to visit.
  • Compare the deals and land on the best based on the amenities and budget.
  • Make an online reservation beforehand to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • To save time & effort on web browsers (as best deals are under a single roof.

Hotel End
Hotels approach Trivago to:

  • Occupy a listing and promote their services.
  • Get more leads from such portals.
  • Facilitate their clients with online booking services through the Trivago portal.
  • Advertise their season’s best deals.

Hotel Booking Ventures
Hotel Booking Websites are on Trivago:

  • To display their services over online hotel booking marketplaces.
  • To showcase the most profitable deals and guide the target audience to their website.

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