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How to Develop Mobile Game App Like Ludo King?

Date: May 21, 2021 - switch instance
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udo is one game that has been relatively popular for decades. Remember the time when you used to sit with the family and play Ludo. That’s the reason you can also call it the game of the family. The modern version of the game is payable on screen.

Ludo King development is one of the most successful mobile game development of the decade with millions of active users worldwide.Ludo King is gaining immense popularity and love from people all around the world.

The game comes with a multiplayer cross-stage functionality that supports devices including Android, Windows, and iOS. Another spell bounding feature of this exemplary game is that it can also be played offline with local multiplayer and computers. It’s quite fascinating to experience the style and overall happy-go-lucky feel of the game.

How Much Money and Downloads Ludo King Earned WorldWide?

Ludo King owned by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd has claimed that it has clocked $20 million in revenue in 2020 with millions of downloads and users all around the world. Ludo King, being India’s first gaming app to cross 500 million downloads worldwide in December 2020 has shaken the online gaming industry upside down.

As per Vikash Jaiswal (founder of Gametion Technologies), the app has witnessed 4X growth in revenue in 2020 especially after the sudden interest of users in mobile gaming during the lockdown. The lockdown has brought tears to multiple business owners but Ludo King being an exception has not only survived but also seen significant growth in numbers as people during the pandemic were getting more inclined towards online mobile gaming.

The founder also claimed that the company is targeting 5X growth in revenue this year aiming to cross the $100 million mark with more in-app purchases and launching new features. Jaiswal said that in countries like Australia and Singapore, an average user spends $3-4 on in-app purchases while in India, the figure is minuscule which needs to grow.

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