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How to Develop an App Like 1MG?

Date: Jun 04, 2021
Time: 09:41 AM
Posted by: Theninehertz
You can either choose to develop the app in-house or hire the services of a top e pharmacy app development company. In either case, there are few things that you will have to do on your behalf to ensure your app turns out exactly the way you want it to in the first place.

Online Medicine Delivery App Development: Planning
Start with putting all your application needs, features, and functionalities on paper. Proper documentation is a key element of successful project development. Documentation helps set the right roadmap and mitigates any discrepancies or confusion that may crop up during the app development phase.

In addition to these, an Online Medicine Delivery App has to comply with many regulations, and as such proper documentation will ensure that all these are well embedded during development.

Pharmacy App Development: Technology Stack
Once you have documented all your application needs and requirements, the next step is to identify the right technology stack for your app. Are you going to build a native app or a cross-platform app? How much cloud storage do you think is enough to ensure that your app will require initially? What about data security steps? What is the expected budget and time to market for MVP? These are questions that you should keep in mind when deciding the technology stack for app development.

1MG App Clone Development: Coding Stage
The coding stage is when you program all the features and functionalities of your app. Your development team will have to work in close association with UI/UX designers, Quality analysts, Business analytics, and other teams. Only when everybody is on the same page will you be able to bring efficiency and agility to the programming.

The programming phase will be composed of many sub-stages namely: Prototype, MVP, the Polished Product, and Launch.

E Pharmacy App Development: Support and Maintenance
Launching your app is only half the work done. Equally important is app support and maintenance. Most of the apps like 1mg are cloud-based. These apps are continuously optimized. You will also have to invest considerable resources and time in DevOps, Data Analytics, and ML to ensure continuous optimization and maintenance.

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