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How Can You Make Money with Money Management App Development?

Date: Jun 15, 2021
Time: 09:54 AM
Posted by: Theninehertz
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If you want money management app development like Mint, you should have an idea about how this app makes money. Here, we mention the way by which the Mint app earns money. If you don’t want to pick the same one, we also mention a sort of monetization strategy that you can choose for your financial tracking app.

Although Mint is free to use, it uses a smart monetization strategy by which it earns money.

In the “Offers” section, you can see the personalized best deals. Mint examines the user’s financial activity and suggests some financial tools by which you can manage your things more easily.

Whenever you choose one of those, Mint receives the financial benefits. So, the app mainly offers work as a kind of ads that assist users to increase their economics at the same time.

Helpful Information!

“Lately, Mint also added the subscription model. By paying to Mint Live Services, a customer receives a way to get an approved financial executive, certified public analyst, or accredited enrolled advocate. This service is available at $24.99 for US users only. You can also include this kind of service to boost your business revenue.”

More Ways to Make Money with Money Management App Development

  • In-app advertisements: This is one of the most suitable methods to earn money and monetize a free app. The app proprietors can select to sell advertisement space on the platform by charging a particular fee.
  • Paid Apps: If you don’t want to make your app free to use, apply this model. The user will have to buy your app just once for being able to access all the features of your budget app like Mint.
  • Premium Fee: For unlocking some premium app services, the user has to pay a specific amount to access them.
  • Referrals: In this model, the app proprietors can decide to charge the referral charges by which they can earn profits through the downloads.

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