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Bankruptcy attorneys often have a lot on their plate when it comes to case preparation, despite bankruptcy proceedings being shorter than other court litigations. An attorney must prepare legal documents and meet regularly with clients to discuss matters and give updates. It’s essential to find balance in this job. Otherwise, you will overlook one aspect of the practice, which may affect your reputation as an attorney. With an attorney answering service , you don’t have to worry about balancing calls and work. Our call agents will handle your calls and take messages while you offer legal guidance to your customers. Some of the reasons your bankruptcy practice needs our answering services are:

Complex Client Relations or Communication

Our operators have no problem communicating verbally and using vocabularies and strong grammar to give your callers a good impression. We don’t judge regardless of the financial situation of your client. Instead, we treat you with the poise and respect you deserve as you put your finances in order.

Play the Role of a Legal Receptionist

The majority of people who file for bankruptcy do this as their last recourse after other alternatives for putting finances in order have flopped. Those who make calls to bankruptcy attorneys are stressed and unsure if the process is what they need to get back on their feet. With the training and knowledge our operators possess, these clients will be handled in a less intimidating and open manner legal answering service.

Customer Reassurance

The last thing you want as a bankruptcy attorney is to give the wrong image, or for clients to overlook the efforts you are putting to better your services. Regardless of what you do, if callers are sent to voicemail or get no response, they will feel neglected and might pick your competitor for representation. However, with operators from the Best Call Center, every incoming call will be answered, and messages are taken. Our live receptionists will answer every question about federal bankruptcy laws, reassuring clients that a bankruptcy attorney will call them back soon.

Benefits of Bankruptcy Attorney Answering Services

Partnering with Best Call Center’s answering services for bankruptcy attorneys will transform your practice in different ways. Discussed below are some of the benefits of working with virtual receptionists:

- No More Missed Calls

We believe that a missed call is a lost business opportunity or client. For this reason, we strive to ensure consistency in our response rate. That way, even when there is a surge in the number of callers, the highest number of times a phone will ring without response is three. Additionally, our bilingual staff will make sure your diverse customer base feels that their interests are understood and protected by your bankruptcy practice.

- Ample Time to Build Your Bankruptcy Practice

The last thing a start-up needs is to invest considerable amounts in hiring conventional receptionists and new call answering equipment. Instead, you should hire an answering service for bankruptcy attorneys from the Best Call Center. We provide our services at a fraction of the cost of hiring and training new legal receptionists. By improving your customer service and cutting your expenses, we allow you to focus on building your bankruptcy law firm.

- Thorough Phone Screening

Sometimes during call patching, a caller might be connected to the wrong person in the company, and this might not create a good impression. However, if you rely on our call screening feature, your callers will speak to calm and patient professional call agents. Also, you will only have to pick the urgent calls, and those that are not urgent can wait until your schedule opens up.

- Efficient Info Capturing

When taking messages or responding to queries, our operators listen keenly to the caller's questions or needs and rely on the FAQ guide and customized script provided by your firm to answer the questions according to your guidelines.
Other benefits of answering services to your bankruptcy practice include cutting costs and increasing savings, and keeping track of all your callers and the discussion they had with our agents or your employees.

Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney Answering Service

Although hiring an answering service for your bankruptcy firm is an excellent idea, nasty virtual receptionists can taint your reputation. If the operators are unresponsive or rude to customers, you will lose both prospective and current customers. It is for this reason that certain elements must be considered when hiring an answering service.
The first element you should look for in an answering service is cutting-edge security and encryption. As a bankruptcy attorney, you deal with sensitive information like bank account numbers and transactions. If word gets into the wrong hands, it could make the bankruptcy process more sophisticated. You should therefore look for a bankruptcy attorney that uses data encryption.
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